Welcome to the REVERBERATORS web page!

Welcome friends - to the REVERBERATORS web site…!! This site is continually being updated, tweaked and adjusted so check back often for info about the band, upcoming events and related info...!! Feel free to contact me (Marty McDermott) at (518) 281-1391 for info or questions or e-mail me at reverberators@aol.com. Thanks for checking us out!

The summer is rolling along in full swing – it continues to be a busy season…..! The band (and various combinations of us) is out and about all around the region – playing at the great clubs, bars and restaurants, festivals and municipal events in the upstate NY area (check the schedule for dates and details). We appreciate all the year round support. We had another great winter season last year and our original tune "Christmas in Albany" continues to gain traction – stay tuned for more on that in months to come. The song is still available to stream on this web-site or for purchase digitally (CD Baby, I-tunes and most other digital outlets) or on CD (do people still play CD's?). Click the "Music" tab for info. This and our other CD's can be purchased locally at Blue Note Records on Central Ave., Albany, NY.

There will be lots of opportunities to come out and see the band through the rest of the summer months, hear some great music and enjoy a nice meal at one of the many venues where we'll be playing through the remainder of the season. As usual, we urge you to get out, socialize, support local arts and the people and venues that support the arts. Music is the great equalizer - young/old, varied social status, race, creed, etc. - it is out there to be enjoyed and appreciated by all. Come out and help us spread the good vibes - come out to a show of ours or any of the great musical groups of our area or yours - wherever you may be...!! Thanks and get out and support local music...!

Thanks your interest! Support local arts, music, musicians and the venues that feature them!