Marty McDermott - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Songwriting (+)    

Marty is a life long music lover, electric and acoustic guitar player, singer and song writer. He has been involved in a variety of musical projects through the 70's (in Queens, NY), 80's (Hudson Valley - Kingston and Poughkeepsie area) and 90's thru present (Capital District), with a long time-out for raising a family and pursuing his day-time career as an architect. Music was always in his life and time away from public performing was spent writing, practicing and freelancing.

Around the turn of the century (2000-2001), getting family and personal life under control, Marty has returned to playing the local Capital area music scene with the REVERBERATORS, as a solo acoustic musician and with various other musical and theatrical projects.

Tom Holland - Drums, Vocals, Songwriting (+)

Tom Holland has been playing professionally for thirty years in all types of bands from rock and straight ahead jazz bands to Dixieland and experimental music. He is also a writer and vocal arranger, and has worked with some highly respected people in the industry. He played for several years in the Woodstock area before coming to the capital region, and joining Marty McDermott, Luke Legg and John Parsons in "the REVERBERATORS".

Luke (Luther) Legg - Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriting

Luke has been playing keyboards for many years in the Albany, NY area. America's Free Society, DASL, the Jeff Spencer Band and Night Moves (to name a few), are some of the bands he has been a member of. He has found a home with the REVERBERATORS….."The group is like a family - four guys with the same musical tastes - their ability to put challenging harmonies together make even rehearsal fun!!"

Paul Supple - Bass, Vocals

Paul brings to the Reverberators a substantial depth and breadth of musical knowledge gained by playing rock, jazz, and classical music for over 40 years. He plays bass guitar for us, but also plays 6-string guitars, keyboards, and trumpet. His most recent projects include "The Bearsville Logic", "The Switch Band", "Snap", "Big Adventure", and "Jazz Factor". He has also sung tenor and bass in his church choir. This guy was just born to make music! We're glad to have him on board.